YELLOW STONE: Dave is on the move


This time it’s Dave (the artist of YELLOW STONE) at the mic talking about his working process: 

„Time to get this monster done. YELLOW STONE in the making, ideas becoming real.

Portrait of Dave ScheffelNoah’s journey is my journey

Noah’s journey is also my journey. Our main character Noah, is in the move, and so am I. Moving and packing things is currently my everyday work. I’m in the move like Noah, reaching out to new adventures, trying to start a new life in another city, getting new inspirations.

The city is my studio

Storyboard and inking-time is quite fun for me. I get my inspiration in bars, cafes and other places I can sit and draw. My workplace at home gives me headaches, the internet is screaming for attention and it is quiet there. Drawing a comic whose main plot is about ordinary people we met every day needs to be done where people gather, in public. So if you want a quick glimpse of an everyday illustrator’s life, keep an eye out to spot them (or me) in cafes, bars or everyday places.“

Yellow Stone: storyboard
Yellow Stone: storyboard of the first chapter