YELLOW STONE: Road stop and Plan B

Some Porn Bear and Yellow Stone-scetches

No post, no work? Not really. We are still working on putting together a strong pitch for publishers in Germany and abroad.

Writing for YELLOW STONE is complete

Story-wise we are done for the moment. The script for the first chapter of YELLOW STONE is finished, so is the synopsis and the elevator pitch. Thus if a publisher would appear on our doorstep today and ask what the hell YELLOW STONE is about, we would have some nice answers to give. Of course there will be some dialogue-trimming once Dave is done with chapter one but for now the docs on my laptop can get some rest.

Storyboard for chapter one - Yellow Stone

Art of chapter one is in the making

Speaking of which. Even if a hand full of pages would be enough to pitch our comic to the publishers, we decided to finish the whole first chapter of YELLOW STONE. This way even if there isn’t a book deal yet we can print the first chapter and bring it to Conventions for you to look at.

Early storyboards for Yellow Stone

Postscript, Prescript … Porn Bear?

So tumble weeds, long sleeps and Margaritas in the typing department? No sir. Writing for our second project has already started. For now, I can only give you the working title:

Porn Bear.
A really sad but true story.